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Disproportionate anger, aggression and rage


There are people who, despite being afraid of conflicts or considering themselves not prone to violence, sometimes get much angrier than may seem reasonable for the situation, or sometimes even lose control over their anger and do things they later regret.

Some people have unwanted flashes, images or fantasies of physical violence or other disturbing scenes, that suddenly pop up without notice or that show up in specific situations. Often, when that happens, the person fails to understand where these unwanted images or emotions come from or why they happen.

All emotions have a natural way to express themselves and when that way is obstructed due to inhibition or external or internal prohibitions, the organism has to find new ways to express them. The symptoms above are some ways of expressing a prohibited emotion, in theses cases the emotion is often anger or rage.

For years I have been using a specific therapy technique to work with the problem of inhibited anger and rage. Based on a combination of imagery, body work and EMDR, it has proved very effective to resolve the deep underlying conflicts responsible for the problem and allowed the client to rediscover the natural expression of their inhibited feelings. 

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