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Adoption issues

Adoption implies a solution for both the adopted person and the adoptive parents. However, it also implies a series of problems that should not be ignored. In the first place there is always one or several traumas by abandonment at an early age, firstly by the biological family, and very often, also by the institution where the child has been waiting for his or her new parents. To this we must add the often difficult process of adaptation to a new environment, a new language and culture and a new family. These circumstances make adopted individuals especially sensitive to everything that has to do with separation, attachment and human relationships in general.

It is, therefore, very common for adopted individuals to have more or less serious emotional problems. The most frequent are usually anguish of separation, depression, identity problems, low self-esteem and, often, dissociative problems.

I have a lot of experience in the problems related to adoption and being adopted. With psychotherapy and EMDR you can work efficiently with emotional problems and together solve the identity issues so frequent in these cases.

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