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Psychosomatic diseases


Psychosomatics affects both the mind and the body (in Greek Psykhe and soma). Psychosomatic illnesses may be wholly or partly due to psychological or emotional disorders. A psychosomatic illness is characterized by a physical illness caused or aggravated by psychological factors.

Human beings have a whole range of emotions that are expressed in different ways from love and affection to rage and aggression. You could say that emotions are the language that the body uses to communicate about it's needs, whether they are satisfied or not. When, for different reasons, we have been forced to repress the expression of certain emotions, the organism is deprived of the natural channel of its emotional expression. Then it will find other ways to express them and many times that happens through the body in the form of tensions, pains or psychosomatic diseases.

On an allegorical plane one could say that emotions have to flow like a river. When a dam is built, the river is blocked but exerts a pressure that grows as the amount of water captured increases. In the end the dam is overflowed or broken by the forces of the water and uncontrolled rivers or streams are created in other places than the natural bed of the river. In the body, these streams would be the psychosomatic somatizations or diseases.

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