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Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy is a type of psychotherapy where the patient's mind and body are treated as a single unit. It is based on the fact that the body reflects the totality of the person and that there is a functional unity between the mind and the body.

Grounded in psychoanalysis, body psychotherapy was developed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich, a longtime student of Sigmund Freud. He channeled his interest in the interplay between body and mind into the establishment of a set of body-oriented psychotherapeutic concepts and techniques. He noticed that certain life experiences manifested themselves in characteristic ways and, adopting the term "character armor" to refer to these physical and emotional manifestations, Reich developed a range of techniques that addressed both the body and the mind for the purpose of treatment. This work, which Reich termed character analysis, laid the foundation for the practice of “vegetotherapy,"which is now typically referred to as body psychotherapy.

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