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Training and affiliations


: David Trotzig


-Holder of the EuropeanCertificateofPsychotherapy(ECP)

-Full member of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP)

-Chair of the Ethics Committee and member of the Board of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP)

-Accredited by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapy (F.E.A.P.)

-Member of the Spanish EMDR Association

-Member of Orgó, Center de Psicoteràpia Reichiana


- Training as a psychotherapist and body psychotherapist at the Spanish School of Reichian Therapy (ES.TE.R).

- Training in EMDR (LI and LII as well as advanced training; Dissociation I and II as well as attachment and early traumas by the Spanish Association of EMDR).


- Reichian deep body psychotherapy: (VC)

- Brief Characteroanalytic body Psychotherapy (PBC)


- Dissociative and personality disorders

- Therapy of the states of the ego (Ego State Therapy).

- Childhood prevention: Childhood prevention is a best way to avoid emotional upheavals in our children from the beginning of life.

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