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Who I am


Being a body psychotherapist means that, in my psychotherapeutic work, I take into account both the body and the mind of the patient. During our childhood, the effects of negative experiences such as traumas, emotional deprivation, etc., are fixed in the body's muscles creating from chronic stress to psychosomatic diseases. It is very common that emotions that are difficult to reach through speaking are easier to connect through the body. During recent years, neuroscience has been confirming this close relationship between the mind and the body and as a result, psycho-corporal therapies are increasingly used. New types of therapies have also emerged, more direct and efficient than classical psychotherapies. Perhaps the most famous is EMDR, a new generation psychotherapy that, in certain cases, significantly reduces the treatment time while allowing to work very deeply . During my years of experience, I have seen that the combination between Body Psychotherapy and EMDR, as usually happens when different good and efficient techniques are integrated, gives very good results increasing the efficiency of both.


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