David Trotzig


Training and affiliations


  • European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP)
  • Accredited member of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP)
  • Advisor to the Ethics Committee of the European Association for Body-Psychotherapy (EABP)
  • Accredited by the Spanish Federation of Psychotherapy Associations (F.E.A.P.)
  • Member of the Spanish EMDR Association
  • Member of Orgó, Centre de Psicoteràpia Reichiana


  • Training as a Body Psychotherapist and Orgonomist at the Spanish School of Reichian Therapy (ES.TE.R).
  • Training in EMDR (LI and LII as well as advanced training Dissociation I and II by the Spanish EMDR Association).
  • Training in Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT), by the Ana Freud National Center for Children and Families.   

Professional activities

  • Individual psychotherapy for adults and adolescents
  • Specific psychotherapy for trauma and dissociative disorders, especially physical and / or sexual abuse in childhood as well as postpartum traumatic states
  • Couple therapy
  • Specific advice for adoptees and adopters
  • Initial Structural Differential Diagnosis (DIDE)